Open Age Ratings Service

The Open Age Ratings Service allows free and commercial software to generate the OARS XML required for the AppData file. OARS relies on honest answers from upstream projects and is purely informational. The original set of questions was been inspired by the now-defunct TIGRS.

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System Vendors

Some software may be restricted in certain regions and vendors can control the apps presented to users.

End Users

Parents and responsible adults can make informed choices before installing software for children.


Creating the required AppStream XML markup is 100% free and no payment is required to any certification company.

Distributors Using OARS

GNOME Software

A nice way to manage the software on your GNOME system.

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KDE Discover

Discover helps you find and install applications, games, and tools.

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Collection of apps that can be easily installed on any Linux distribution.

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elementary OS

The fast, open, and privacy-respecting replacement for Windows and macOS.

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Endless OS

Expansive offline-capable learning materials, creativity tools, and more.

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Beautiful, high-quality desktop built on the latest open source technology.

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